In recent years, several important meetings took place that marked the need for a collective consultation body in the Flemish museum sector.

Tournée Museale op 29 april 2014

On the 29th of April 2014 we organized “Tournée Museale”, a sector moment in Muntpunt. During this meeting, we discussed the questions that were addressed in the 2014 march edition of the Faromagazine in the focus section ‘Museums in 2014’

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Pictures Tournée Muséale: https://www.flickr.com/photos/faronet/albums/72157644173627420

Groot Onderhoud 2015

At the “Groot Onderhoud 2015” we continue the discussion, together with the entire heritage sector, in the session “Museums in the 21st century: what future beckons? “

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2016 – Vision paper “Full commitment to museums”

The vision paper “Full commitment to museums” is very important for the future of the museums and the rest of the heritage sector, as a strategic orientation document on which the Flemish Museums Network has worked well for a year and a half.

In a sense, it is also a historical document. Because in this vision memorandum the museum group formulates a joint vision for the very first time and sets outlines together. Urgent questions are asked and answered. Questions such as: ‘How do we ensure that museums continue to contribute to society in a sustainable way? How can we profile ourselves together and at the same time strengthen our identity? What binds us as museums? What makes us strong as a collective? What common goals will we focus on in the coming years and what investments are needed to achieve them? “

More information: https://faro.be/publicaties/volop-inzetten-op-musea